Iskandar Nasrallah



Iskandar is an Alumni from the University of Ottawa. He  is currently enrolled in the CPA program and is a Staff Accountant at Welch LLP. He comes from an entrepreneurial spirited family, and is a strong believer in paying it forward. L&I is his way of taking what he has learned thus far in business and using it to create jobs for students and to promote environmental awareness. His focus is to develop a community-driven network of students eager to learn about business, no matter what their field of study is.

When he is not studying or working, you can find Iskandar on the basketball court, weight room, at family events, or in the air traveling down south. 

Lucas Ghosn



Lucas graduated from the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management, Class of 2016. Following graduation, he reached out to Iskandar with the idea of starting a millenial driven project to use accounting services as a means to create social consciousness and job opportunities for students and recent graduates. Lucas has since moved on from L&I and is now pursueing his CPA at Deloitte LLP.

Lucas enjoys volunteering as the Director of Finance for the Telfer Alumni Association, where he organizes events to connect alumni, and administers and manages all financial affairs for the association. During his spare time, he enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball with friends, trying new foods, and watching movies.